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LG D2343P Full HD 23" 3D IPS LED Monitor

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Experience next-level picture quality with the LG D2343P Full HD 23" 3D IPS LED Monitor.   Uncompromised quality   With a full High Definition 1080p display, the D2343P gives you your favourite media at its very best. The sharp contrast, vivid colours and deep blacks deliver a detailed, natural and highly refined picture you won't believe.   The D2343P features IPS screen technology, letting you enjoy lifelike pictures at any angle. By reducing colour shift, you can be sure of the best quality HD picture no matter where you choose to place your monitor.   Cinema 3D   LG's Cinema monitors support 3D media. From games to 3D Blu-ray, the D2343P offers an unparalleled, immersive experience with outstanding depth.    No 3D source? Don't worry, the D2343P can convert your 2D films, games and pictures into high quality 3D experiences, displaying your favourite games and films like never before.   A pair of 3D glasses is included with the unit, letting you jump right into the immersive world of 3D.   Convenient connectivity    Regardless of your preferred connection, you can make the most of your media with the D2343P.



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