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Build Your Own PC

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This product is to demonstrate how "sub product" can be used as "build your own" product.

In this product, you can buy several other components directly, eg: hdd, monitor & RAM, without visiting each product page separately. Then the sub-products will be added when you add the main product to shopping cart.

Build your own PC easily. We offer the barebone PC where you can customize the peripherals easily. The PC specificiations are:

  • Really awesome computer case
  • AMD A10-6800 4.1GHz quad core processor
  • Integrated high performace VGA ATI Radeon 8670D
  • Bluray driver
  • Standard keyboard, mouse & speakers
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • HDD: customize
  • RAM: customize
  • Monitor: customize
  • Start customizing, click "Buy Together" tab.

Buy Together

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