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Apple iPod Touch 5G - 32GB (Red) w/ Laser Engrave

Stock Status100 available
Shipping Weight0.5 kg


The new 5th Generation iPod touch brings you even more functionality and enjoyment in a cool black design.

Not only does it store and play back all your favourite music, it has photo and video capture and playback functions included too, and can connect to the internet!

Enjoy those special songs or recommended tunes from your vast iTunes library, and add to the magic from the iTunes store – the perfect song is just a tap away.

The new iPod touch makes video content look even better, with true widescreen video playback. 44% higher saturation means colours pop out at you, and iTunes is right there for you download any movie or program you desire.

What's more, the inclusion of the amazing iCloud technology means that all your favourite music, apps, films, programs and books you've downloaded from iTunes is uploaded to a cloud space for access on all your other devices, doing away with cabling and manual syncs.


Screen Size4-5 inch
Screen Resolution1136x640
Product Dimension123.4 x 58.6 x 6.1 mm
Product Weight88 gr
Internal Storage32GB


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